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Lipovac, Serbia

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Rogan Family Wines began in 2008, piece by piece. Finding the perfect soil to grow our grapes laid the foundation for our rich and complex wines. The winemaker came across the small village of Lipovac, in the heart of Serbia and immediately fell in love with its terroir and history of winemaking. And so, piece by piece, he began knocking on doors and tracking down lost ancestors of the land, slowly puzzling together small patches, which today accounts for over 40 acres of vines.

From our humble beginnings, we are now an award winning boutique winery that has international recognition from Shiraz Du Monde, and the Chardonnay Du Monde competitions respectively.

Family owned, with a trans-Atlantic history, we are very much proud of our Serbian roots and heritage, and thankful for the years spent living in Canada that allowed us the opportunity to return home to our foundations, and live our dream of making world class Serbian wine. 

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The Winemaker

Meet our winemaker and founder, Dragan. He is a professor of virology and infectious diseases at the University of Novi Sad, and was previously the Vice President of R&D at Bioniche Life Sciences, in Canada. His extensive knowledge of biochemistry along with his lifelong passion of winemaking, have made him a true craftsman, creating our precise, unique, and elegant wines. His extensive world travels and particularly to Australia made him fall in love with Shiraz, and is the reason why we are the largest producers of this variety in the Balkans. Come say hi as you’ll find him walking through and examining the vines every chance he gets.

Our Wines


Shiraz from Rogan Winery has a clear and complex message. This powerful wine gives the comfort of feeling that is expected from a premium wine and awakens your desire to enjoy it as often as possible.


Cabernet Sauvignon from Rogan Winery has a natural freshness and taste, and its complexity is rounded off by a recognizable character.


Chardonnay from Rogan Winery has a naturally impressive range of aromas and flavors that are remembered, and characteristic of the climate of the Oplenac region.

COMING SOON – Orange – “Yellow Ant” or in Serbian, “Zuti Mrav”, is a collaborative project between the winemaker and his son, Nikola. When Nikola was young his hair was very blonde to the point of appearing yellow. He also refused to eat almost anything, leaving him relatively small in stature. Hence, the nickname, “Zuti Mrav”. In Serbian, orange wine is called yellow wine, and so it was fitting to name this small batch production of 250 bottles something unique and memorable.

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Address: Lipovac BB,

Topola (Varošica), Topola, Serbia.

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